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February 14
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Alonso's New Profile by OceanPictures61 Alonso's New Profile by OceanPictures61
Name: Alonso Azhuara Cervantes
Age: 18
Date of Birth: October 21 (Libra)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Family: Salvador Cervantes (Father, Surgeon), Paloma Azhuara (Mother, Elementary School Teacher), Samuel Cervantes (Elder Brother, former soldier, now paraplegic)
Best Friend: Judson Lockhart
Catchphrase: "So, any questions?" "Shall we start this fiesta?" "I'm justice, I'm judgement, I'm everything between light and darkness"
Personality: Classy and serious, snarky and intelligent; always wanting to get 3 steps ahead of everyone.
Likes: Reading and playing violin, Lemon Ice Cream, Everything Detective-related, Magic, Coffee 
Dislikes: Tarantulas, History, Being Interrupted, Feeling Awkward in a new group, Bullies and evil-doers.
Abilities: Martial Arts, Sleuth Skills and Intelligence, Portal Magic, Day and Night Magic
Bio: Alonso was born in a mildly wealthy family with a knack of reading but a lack of social skills, but he managed to gain few friends in his first school years; he trained at early age on martial arts with his older brother which had a nice relationship.
But things turned bad at the age of 11, his friends drifted apart while growing up and his brother turn paraplegic after being hurt in a war zone and they decide to move in another part of the world so he can go to a rehabilitation center. All those events made him lonely and bitter at the point he lost the joy in friendship. That made him obsess with illusionism and magic at the point he started practice it, but he carved for more and found the secrets of real magic, learning teleportation and capable of using Light and Dark Magic, earning the title of "Wizard of Doors".  
At the age of 14, he met Judson Lockhart and he finally made a friend who cares and protects him, promising to not let go of him; after getting in trouble after something called "The Twilight Mountain Incident" both become a Detective Duo for hire, trying to get adventure and fight for the greater good solving mysterious crimes.  

Alonso Cervantes (C) :iconoceanpictures61: 

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quiero saber que es eso del twilight mountain incident
El primer momento en que Judson y Alonso echaron un vistazo a lo sobrenatural: Judson fue secuestrado por un aquejare de brujas que querían a Alonso; porque pensaron que era una especie de mago legendario que traería el juicio final. 

Por supuesto, el no es ese mago que querían y ambos tuvieron que escapar.

Alonso aprecio mas la amistad de Judson y descubrió que el hada lo que sea para defenderlo
todo comienza a tener sentido no te molestes si traigo de vuelta a la mesa el asunto de los senkas,pero la descripción de ellos "como espiritus con aspecto vidriado" me hace pensar una versión heroica de los fangires de kiva
cierto, muy parecido
porque lo dices,en ultimo caso tal vez los cosos vidriados servirían para otra cosa

mejor te paso una lista de deviants y journals en donde dejé preguntas y nunca me respondiste para que me des una buena respuesta
no se, me gusto la idea

No lo se
mejor revive grimorio pólice o creas un pretexto mejor para poner a los seres vidriados

no me sorprende,algunas de esas preguntas son de hace 6 años
Vere que hago con esa idea, porque es muy buena.

Aaaah, ya se; ya no se que hacer con mi vida.
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